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Think Like an Interviewer Your Job Hunting Guide to Success front cover by Ron Auerbach

Frontline Special:

Ron Auerbach, the book's author is extremely proud to offer you this special discount on the ebook version of his job search book. A book that's been praised by hiring managers, career advisors, and even job seekers.

Mr. Auerbach knows the job markets inside and out. And has helped countless people like you improve your chances of success in these very difficult times. With his guidance, insight, and straightforward approach, you'll stand out better and get noticed more by employers!

He'll also help you avoid mistakes your competition will make. Mistakes that used to slide by in the past, but not today! You see, Mr. Auerbach's philosophy is quite simple: You can't afford to make even the littlest mistake. Doing that will cost you a job! So you have to be as close to perfect during each phase of the job search process if you hope to be successful.

Mr. Auerbach will help you accomplish this! And is very proud to do it because he knows exactly how tough it is. And exactly what you've been going through because he's been there himself. That's right, he's been: outsourced, forced to retrain, out of work for long periods, and had to make sacrifices and settle for less. In fact, he commutes nearly 50 miles and takes 3 buses to get to work. And why? Because that's where the job is. So he understands very well what it's like out there right now. And is very good at reading the tea leaves to see where things are heading.

So what's the special offer?

  • You can get his job search ebook, Think Like an Interviewer: Your Job Hunting Guide to Success for only $2.50.
  • That's a $3.50 savings off the regular price of $6. So you're saving nearly 60%!
  • And the ebook can be read on any computer because it's a standard PDF file.
  • To take advantage of this exciting special offer, just use the Buy Now link shown below.
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    Offer expires on December 31, 2009 so order your copy today!