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Mr. Auerbach was recently interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio
show Out the Box. The show aired live on the Internet from
6-7 pm Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, July 7, 2009.

This was Mr. Auerbach's first radio interview and he was very excited about doing it! He just loves sharing his expertise and helping job seekers out as best as he can.

During the show, Mr. Auerbach discussed several things of importance to job hunters. For example, some of the mistakes they'll make that will cost them the job. And revealed ways to improve your chances of success and looking better. He also spoke about the value in improving and updating your skillset.

Too bad technical difficulties had prevented listeners from phoning in with their questions. But unfortunately, those things do happen. Mr. Auerbach had a wonderful time and did a great job!

He is 100% confident that listeners benefited from his advice and guidance. And thoroughly enjoyed the experience of appearing live on radio. Hopefully, it won't be his last time.

If you had listened to the show, Mr. Auerbach would love to hear from you. And hear your success stories of how he was able to help. Stories like these put a huge smile on his face. So let him know what you thought about the show and his advice.

The show's producer has a brief overview of Mr. Auerbach's background and show appearance. You are more than welcome to read it at.